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Where does Higher Ed. ship?

We ship anywhere. Like, literally anywhere. Free 2-day shipping for orders $50+ only applies to domestic orders, though, or we would be out of business. Because: $$$$$.

How can I learn more about Higher Ed. products?

You can mosey on over to our product pages to find information on specific products like: ingredient lists, directions of use, smart tips and more. As a bonus, we have a massive ingredient database, so any ingredients with which you are not familiar, just click on the name and it will take you to a description of that ingredient. We ain’t a shady beach.

Can anyone use Higher Ed.?

Yessum. Anyone and everyone. While our products were specifically formulated for the skin concerns and conditions more specifically associated with your early 20’s (stress breakouts, hormone changes – thanks birth control, excess oil, and more), we offer kick-ass products for dry and sensitive skin as well. You can check out the “Skin Types” section of our website to see the perf regimen for you.

Why should I use Higher Ed. instead of another skincare brand?

Our whole brand and everything we do is for you, boo. We know you like clean, cruelty-free beauty products, so we formulated our products without those shi* ingredients and without testing on animals; we know you don’t want to be ripped off and have to take out another student loan to afford your skincare products, so we priced our products accordingly; we know you think smart is sexy so we pooled our expert resources together to provide you with a crap ton of educational content. Basically, we <3 you and we’re listening.

Do your products contain toxic ingredients?

Nope. Never. Not ever. We formulated all of our products to be paraben free, gluten free, nut free, cruelty-free… everything but free-free.

When do Higher Ed. products expire?

On the back of every product next to our distribution information (bottom left) you’ll see a little container looking icon with a number on it. That number tells you how long the shelf life is for that product!  

Are you really cruelty-free?

Hell yeah we are. We love animals… every animal. Our favorites probably include baby ducklings, baby otters (look them up, now), dogs, cats, sloths and our Director of Marketing is obsessed with Shark Week, so there’s that. We love animals so much that we would never test on them, in fact, we think it’s an archaic practice in the cosmetic industry and should be regulated immediately.

Can I earn rewards for purchasing Higher Education Skincare products?

Just call us Destiny’s Child ‘cause we love bills, bills, bills. We love saving them even more and we want you to save yours, too. You earn 5 points for every $1 spent, 50 points for creating an account, 10 points for sharing a blog post, and more. When you hit 2,500 points, you get 10% off your purchase.

I have a sensitive topic I want to discuss with a brand representative, who should I talk to?

You got it, babe. Email and our Customer Service Manager will get back to you ASAP.